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What could a recycling equipment grant do for you?

Just look at all this beautiful equipment. It could be yours! Ok, well you can’t have these exactly, but if you have a wish list, an NET recycling equipment grant is just the thing for you. There’s still money to spend in the current grant cycle, so send us your application by April 15th, and get your equipment […]

Keeping Things Current

Does your recycling guide listing (on our web site) need some polishing? Would you like to volunteer for the NRC? If the answer to either of those questions is “yes,” let’s talk! Find out more below. Our online recycling guide is your premier reuse and recycle resource, so it’s our goal to keep it up […]

Lean on Me

Our office looks like a tornado just swept through it! On February 8th, the movers will come and we will be in our new office about 3 miles south of our current location – 3800 VerMaas Place in Lincoln. We’ll share some photos once we get settled. By the time this newsletter goes out, our first Advisory Council […]

Legislation of Concern: LB945 and LB762

IMPORTANT!!! LB945: Transfer of Funds from NDEQ This bill provides for a transfer of funds out of both the Litter Reduction & Recycling Grant Fund and the Waste Reduction & Recycling Grant Fund. The Litter Grant Fund transfer would increase from $200,000 to $700,000, and the Waste Reduction & Recycling Grant transfer would increase from $400,000 […]

What a wonderful time…to become a member!

If you’re considering a membership with NRC, now is the perfect time to join! We have switched to a calendar year renewal system, making the process more efficient for us and hopefully easier for you, too. And you may have noticed the small celebration of *ahem* New Year’s recently. What’s in it for you? Membership […]

Keeping an Eye on Plastics

The proliferation and use of plastics has had terrible environmental consequences on our earthly homeland for many years; however, the economics of plastics packaging has overcome our better judgment when it comes to pollution prevention. What will it take for humanity to give up its plastic habit? Below are newsworthy developments in the wide world […]

We’re Moving! (but not far)

New look, same great team! NRC is busy preparing to settle into our new office on February 8th. We are excited to have a more functional space for our organization. Here’s our new address for, you know, fun things like mail and visits: 3800 VerMaas Place, Suite 102 Lincoln, NE 68502 Thanks for updating your address […]

Film recycling gets a boost at Nebraska markets

Link to Original Article By Jim Johnson, Plastics News A new campaign to capture more plastic wraps and bags has launched in Omaha, Neb. The new initiative from the Wrap Recycling Action Program launched in December to educate consumers on how they can recycle clean and dry plastics at participating stores. Materials collected include grocery […]

Recycling Efforts Noticed at State Level

Link to Original Article By Becky Kuntzelman, The Imperial Republican Each year on Nov. 15, thousands of events are held across the United States on “America Recycles Day” to raise awareness about the importance of recycling and offering personal pledges that can be signed, committing to recycling and buying products made from recycled materials. The […]

Hello, 2018! What’s your theme?

Some of you reading this post are too young to feel a strong connection with singer-songwriter Jackson Browne, but you may know some of his songs. “These Days” popped into my head this morning while I was reflecting on what NRC’s theme should be in 2018. The theme of this song is love, loss and […]

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