Recycling Equipment Grant Program Update

blue and white Nebraska Environmental Trust seal with a bird in the middle of the circle
We are pleased to announce that we have received a 2022 grant award from the Nebraska Environmental Trust in the amount of $314,200 for the “Recycling Equipment Grants and Consultation” project.
Our Recycling Equipment Grant program has funded smaller grants for recycling equipment of up to $20,000 each for 21 of the previous 24 years. This grant covers equipment grant funds, salaries for grants administration and consultation, travel to verify equipment purchases, grantee insurance verification, and a portion of NRC operating costs and supplies.
Our objectives for this grant cycle are to:
1. Provide grant funding to communities and private entities across the State of Nebraska for purchasing recycling equipment that will improve recycling & composting programs and increase waste diversion from landfills.
2. Gather information from, and provide consultation to communities and service providers that will improve recycling capacity in their region through public/private partnerships.
3. Facilitate partnerships that will increase volumes collected and improve economic outcomes of rural recycling programs by pooling resources.
4. Expand NRC’s perspectives on resource recovery strategies for Nebraska including glass recycling.
We want to publicly thank the Nebraska Environmental Trust for their long-term support of our organization and this recycling grant program.