APR Recycling Demand Champion Program

APR Government Champion

Consistent, reliable demand for recycled plastic is critical for recycling to be mature, vibrant and sustainable and a strong demand-pull for recycled plastics is needed to ensure a robust recycling supply chain.

The APR Recycling Demand Champions program plays a prominent role in:

  • Strengthening and increasing domestic demand for residential mixed plastics,
  • Helping prevent “ocean plastics” by stimulating strong North American markets,
  • Mitigating reliance on export markets,
  • Driving investment,
  • Producing more high-quality PCR, and
  • Boosting a circular economy for plastic packaging.

This intent of this program is two-fold: to drive end-market demand for PCR and to recognize companies for their increased investment in PCR-containing products. Businesses, government entities, universities and more can participate and through their participation they become APR Recycling Demand Champions.

Champions commit to increase their PCR use in the coming year. They achieve this by purchasing any new use of PCR.

Become a Champion today! For more information, select your category at this link to learn more!

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