April 29th SLPS: The Impacts of Invasive Species on Ecosystems with a Focus on Ants

The Impacts of Invasive Species on Ecosystems with a Focus on Ants

Wednesday, April 29, 2020, Noon–1pm

This presentation will provide a general description about invasive species and their impacts on ecosystems and the human society. More specifically, there will be information provided about some invasive ant species found in the US and about some of the research conducted with the red imported fire ant Solenopsis invicta, an invasive ant species in the southern US, and how that research can possibly be used to control their populations. It will also be discussed how those research ideas can be expanded to potentially be used to control populations of invasive ant species in the future of Nebraska.

The Speaker — Jason Carbaugh

Jason Carbaugh is a Visiting Assistant Professor of Biology at Hastings College. He completed a B.S. in Biology at Purdue University-Fort Wayne, a M.N.S in Biology at Southeast Missouri State University, and a Ph.D. in Entomology at Texas A&M University. He has taught at several higher education institutions before coming to Hastings College.

He is interested in the behavior and ecology of insects, especially of ants. Other interests include the impacts of invasive species on ecosystems, along with using macroinvertebrates as bioindicators to determine the health of aquatic and terrestrial habitats. He enjoys educating others about the diversity of animals and environmental issues.

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