Best Management Practices for Restaurants & Bars
HopCat-Lincoln and other BarFly Ventures restaurants strive to compost and recycle up to 90% of their total waste stream. Learn about the products they use, staff training and education, green team engagement, and initiatives to protect and conserve fresh water.

The September 26th webinar will be presented by Autumn Sands, Sustainability Manager for BarFly Ventures. BarFly Ventures owns and operates 17 bars, restaurants, and breweries in 14 cities, including one in Lincoln, Nebraska. Autumn is a native to Michigan with a passion for sustainability, natural systems, regenerative agriculture, building healthy soil and protecting fresh water. After spending 9 years working in the Hospitality Industry, Autumn created the BarFly Sustainability Program, focusing on how the company can have a positive impact on the local environment and community. 

BarFly Ventures is the parent company of HopCat, Stella’s Lounge, Grand Rapids Brewing Co. and The Waldron Public House. Their mission statement is to care about the environment and the world around us, treat each other like family, offer a unique dining experience ,and make sure each and every guest feels important.