Be Responsible With Your Batteries

Published March 2, 2021

Larimer County, CO recently released a campaign to combat irresponsible battery disposal. Batteries power our lives everyday. Over the last few years, they have gotten smaller and more powerful, so they can fit in more and more things. Batteries are not always obvious. They’re probably hidden in anything that makes a noise, moves or lights up even when it’s not plugged in. Though they’re a big help, batteries are a big problem in the trash and conventional recycling.

Batteries are essentially stored energy. That energy can be improperly released as heat once they enter the chaotic world of the trash and recycling system. Heat or sparks caused by batteries can ignite a fire that will be fueled by surrounding trash and recyclable materials. Even “dead” batteries can be a fire hazard because they still contain a residual charge.

How do you get rid of batteries safely? Just take unwanted batteries to a designated site, and batteries will be prepared for safe shipment and processing. Better yet, batteries that are disposed of properly can be recycled into new things, like pots and pans, fertilizer, sunscreen, and even new batteries. Check out our Online Recycling Guide to find a location near you!