Benjamin Benton

December 2019, Benjamin Benton joined the City of Randolph, NE as City Administrator/Clerk/Treasurer.  Additionally, Benjamin manages several other roles for the City including Zoning Administrator, Floodplain Administrator, CDBG Grant Administrator, Economic Development, and expanding the recycling portfolio of Randolph including: glass, plastics, aluminum cans, steel cans, newspaper, magazines, cardboard.   He likes Tacos, but he loves Recycling!

 Growing up in rural NE Oklahoma I was saddened by roadside trash making the beautiful countryside look rather gross. Empowered by my parents to do something, I wrote a letter to the Delaware County Commissioners in mid 1980s requesting a solution to roadside trash being dumped. A short time later, green dumpsters were placed at multiple sites around Delaware county for residents to take their garbage instead of burning, burying, or dumping. That green dumpster program lasted nearly 20 years, phased out in early 2000’s when better solutions were made available.

 Benjamin participates in the Heartland 2050 Natural Resources Committee, the NPPD Electrification Beautification Committee, the NRC Grants Committee, and was recently appointed to the Advisory Council of the Nebraska Recycling Council.

 Benjamin holds a Masters of Business Administration & Masters of Leadership and Ethics both from John Brown University.