In March, NRC was given the opportunity to visit our member, Central Community College, at the Hastings campus for a sustainability assessment. We found significant efforts being made by the environmental sustainability office. Furthermore, the collaboration between departments on campus set an amazing example of success in sustainability efforts. These continual partnerships have set up the environmental sustainability office to meet many goals of their Environmental Sustainability Action Plan (ESAP). One example is the vegetable garden which is a collaborative effort between the environmental and culinary departments. Another example is the food service provider, Chartwells, which helps compost food waste.

The Environmental Sustainability Office improves education and training on campus. This includes an Introduction to Sustainability course for students but also involves fun events like scrap paper valentine crafting or making reusable bags out of recycled t-shirts. Hastings campus is powered by wind, solar, and geothermal energy. Electronics and other academic materials are reused past their end life and then recycled or diverted from the landfill whenever possible. In the last year, Hastings campus recycled 39,300 pounds of material and composted 350 pounds of food waste. 

Hastings campus screams innovation when you see the beehives made with organic materials and a 3D printer. Additionally, dual recycling and trash bins are placed strategically throughout campus as an easily accessible method of waste distribution. CCC advances their efforts through STaRS reporting and continuing education for staff and students. This school is an excellent example of involving students, faculty and staff in sustainability efforts. We love to see our members succeed!