Access reliable information and resources about how to overcome the barriers to a successful, sustainable recycling program.

Paint Reuse: A Manual for Developing Effective Programs

This paint reuse manual is designed to provide key information about the paint reuse proc-ess for local government entities, community groups, transfer stations, and non-profit or-ganizations. It lists necessary equipment and materials, and outlines steps for developing and implementing two distinct reuse program models: 1) Direct Reuse and 2) Paint Reprocessing. The manual draws from existing paint reuse programs across the country to provide case study examples and explore variations between programs using the same reuse model. Read on to discover how your program can serve your community and join a growing network of paint reuse programs across the country.

RCRA Orientation Manual 2014

US EPA Resource Conservation and Recovery Act manual updated in 2014. An amendment to the Solid Waste Disposal Act of 1976, this is the latest version.

Recycling Survey sample

A sample survey to determine how many citizens recycle and what types of services they would support if offered

Restaurant Food Waste Action Guide

ReFED how-to resource based on interviews with sustainability and operations teams at restaurants of various sizes. Provides an overview of the national food waste challenge, presents opportunities for improvement of business outcomes, and identifies action-oriented solutions, tools, and best practices.