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MRF Acceptable Materials Worksheet

A worksheet to ensure local programs and MRFs are on the same page regarding acceptable and problematic materials. The Recycling Partnership

MRO Cheat Sheet

Sample Mandatory Recycling Ordinances, Education and Outreach Materials, and Case Studies compiled by Emerge Knowledge Design, Inc.

Multi-Family Property Manager Guide

This short guide was created by Rethink Waste, a public agency in California. It covers CA laws and has tips for working with property managers of multi-family housing regarding materials management.

Nebraska Deconstruction Grants Program

The Deconstruction Grants Program supports municipalities and counties of 5,000 or less population in deconstructing abandoned buildings, encouraging the recycling or reuse of the building's materials.

NERC Environmental Benefits Calculator

A calculator that generates estimates of a study area, based on tonnages of materials that are source-reduced, reused, recycled, landfilled, or incinerated

NM Recycling Resource Kit

A resource kit from New Mexico Recycling Coalition with introductory information on the economics of recycling, recycling development strategy, community action plans, and regional hub and spoke recycling.

NYC Digital Blueprint

A website that the City of New York created to guide developers and content creators in making inclusive and accessible websites. Visit the Accessibility section to learn even more about digital accessibility.

Paint Reuse: A Manual for Developing Effective Programs

This paint reuse manual is designed to provide key information about the paint reuse proc-ess for local government entities, community groups, transfer stations, and non-profit or-ganizations. It lists necessary equipment and materials, and outlines steps for developing and implementing two distinct reuse program models: 1) Direct Reuse and 2) Paint Reprocessing. The manual draws from existing paint reuse programs across the country to provide case study examples and explore variations between programs using the same reuse model. Read on to discover how your program can serve your community and join a growing network of paint reuse programs across the country.

RCRA Orientation Manual 2014

US EPA Resource Conservation and Recovery Act manual updated in 2014. An amendment to the Solid Waste Disposal Act of 1976, this is the latest version.

ReCollect Case Study: Scottsbluff, NE

A case study outlining Scottsbluff's success with the ReCollect digital tools. Their partnership began in August 2020, and in less than a year, they reached all their initial goals set.