Access reliable information and resources about how to overcome the barriers to a successful, sustainable recycling program.

Right Size Your Can

The City of Tucson Environmental Services Department website for their volume-based service program, where customers with existing curbside service can choose their trash container size and price.

SB 1383 Infrastructure and Market Analysis

A report on a survey of composting and anaerobic digestion facilities' ability to meet California's SB 1383 established targets for reduction and diversion of organic materials from landfills.

Special Event Best Practices Guide Materials management tips and timelines for specific types of events, including sample contract and policy language

STAR Community Rating System v2

A guide to measure progress along social, economic and environmental performance areas. STAR is a framework and certification program for communities.

Sustainable Development Code

The Sustainable Development Code offers best practices for community development to help all local governments, regardless of size and budget, build more resilient, environmentally conscious, economically secure and socially equitable communities.

The Community Zero Waste Roadmap

Eco-Cycle Solutions guidebook. A high-level overview of key infrastructure, policies, and programs for pursuing a zero waste goal.