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STAR Community Rating System v2

A guide to measure progress along social, economic and environmental performance areas. STAR is a framework and certification program for communities.

Sustainable Development Code

The Sustainable Development Code offers best practices for community development to help all local governments, regardless of size and budget, build more resilient, environmentally conscious, economically secure and socially equitable communities.

Textile derived microfiber release: Investigating the current evidence base

Textiles-derived microfibre pollution encompasses all fibres less than 5mm in size, which are formed and shed during the processing, production, use and disposal of textiles. Their presence has been recorded in both terrestrial and aquatic environments as a proportion of airborne dust and waterborne microplastics, and additionally as a hazard in textile manufacture. However, many of these observations in the environment to date have been incidental, and studies of their formation and shedding have been biased toward synthetic fibres. The effect in terms of quantitative environmental impact metrics such as ecotoxicity has not been determined, so although it is possible to estimate the volume of microfibres produced, it is not currently possible to quantify the true effect they may have.

The Community Zero Waste Roadmap

Eco-Cycle Solutions guidebook. A high-level overview of key infrastructure, policies, and programs for pursuing a zero waste goal.

The Future of Waste: Certification and Curriculum with Washington Green Schools

Over 460 schools are involved with this program in Washington. -Provide teachers resources and support allowing schools to achieve sustainability goals -Step -by -step guidance and support to certify in Waste & Recycling -Online resources, classroom curriculum, and more! -School and community community-wide recognition