Compost Club is Transforming Waste Into Soil

Published October 06, 2020

Residents in the Greater Omaha area now have a way to compost even more types of materials that otherwise were destined for the landfill, such as meat, dairy, and BPI certified compostable take-out packaging.

NRC Members Hillside Solutions and Soil Dynamics had previously kept a focus on commercial compostable waste. But for the first time in Omaha’s history, they’ve built a bridge between residential waste and Soil Dynamics’ industrial composting facility in Ashland, NE by offering compost drop-off.

It’s called Compost Club and signing up for a monthly fee gets you access to a network of drop-off sites, accessible 24/7 to subscribers. Compost Club members also earn “get-soil-back” benefits and every month accumulate 432 square inches of nutrient-dense soil that can be redeemed (or donated to a community garden!) from the Soil Dynamics Compost Yard.

As a special offer to NRC members — the first 20 members in the Greater Omaha area that sign up get 60% off the $8.99 Monthly General Household membership. Use the “NRC” discount code at checkout to bring the life-time price down to $3.60 a month. Sign up and learn more at

Become an NRC member HERE and get your Compost Club discount!