By Carina Olivetti

Is your backyard compost ready to use this gardening season? If you are like me, you have some compost ready but just not enough for all the plantings you have in mind. Maybe your friends can share some of their black gold with you? Do you have a farm and need large quantities of compost for your fields? Or are you just curious where there is quality compost available near you? 

A backyard scene of 3 compost bays made from pallets, filled with various levels of compost

The following is by no means an exhaustive list of Nebraska’s locally produced compost available but it’s enough to get you started. Many of Nebraska’s solid waste landfills or transfer stations produce compost made from residential yard waste. Other composters on this list have gone through the Nebraska Department of Environment and Energy permitting process to produce larger amounts of compost with more diverse feedstocks like food waste and manure.

Nebraska has great potential for growing its organics recycling industry. We are a large agriculture state with lots of biomass materials that can be composted as well as food waste that is predominately being landfilled. This doesn’t mean we should compost everything at all costs, but it is one tool we can employ to divert organic waste from landfills while creating a soil building product. When it makes sense geographically to start a composting facility and the carbon footprint of hauling the material stays low then I encourage any entrepreneurs to think about entering the composting industry. Always check local zoning and NDEE regulations before breaking ground. The wonderful thing about composting is that it can be successful at all different scales. Calling all vermicomposters! Yes, you can buy bagged compost at many big box stores but let’s support our local compost producers first!

Hand holds some compost above a pile

If you know of other Nebraska composters who want to be part of Nebraska’s Compost Directory, please contact [email protected]. (Hyperlinks are only included with the compost producers who have consented to my promotion of them.)