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Construction Waste Management

Nebraska Recycling Council offers construction and demolition waste management services to organizations that want to achieve LEED status or attain waste diversion goals. NRC staff provide construction waste management plans, track disposal of materials, and identify service providers for hauling and recycling needs.

Construction Waste Management Plan

Nebraska Recycling Council will develop a written construction waste management plan for use in the contract documents. This includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • Description of the project with goals and targets for waste diversion.
  • Analysis of the projected types of waste generated from the project.
  • Material handling and documentation procedures.
  • Educational and motivation plan.

Contract With Service Providers

NRC can assist in contracting with recyclers and service providers, negotiating discounts, and identifying target markets for most construction project materials.

Education & Training

We will ensure proper education and training happens from the very beginning and throughout the project, as well as assist in promoting the program and its goals.

Spot-Checks for Waste Contamination

NRC staff will be on site bi-weekly to ensure that the proper materials are placed in the waste and recycling containers.

Technical Assistance

NRC staff will be available for technical assistance as needed.

Documentation of Waste Management

Up-to-date documentation of waste percentages will be available throughout the project.


To maximize the economic and environmental benefits of resource recovery in Nebraska.