Dec 10: Waste Reduction: National Survey Results & Campaign Solutions that look Upstream

The Center for Biological Diversity develops and executes campaigns to address how the effects of population pressure and inequitable consumption impact our environment. We know the statistics: The average American has an environmental footprint 60% larger than most Europeans and each American makes nearly twice as much waste now as a person did in 1960. We are working on solutions: Effective campaigns are underpinned by research and to that end the Center recently conducted a U.S. national representative survey and multiple focus groups to better understand consumption awareness, attitudes and behaviors specific to the following topics – zero waste planning, extended producer responsibility and conscious consumption. The results of this research will support the Center in building future campaigns. We invite the audience to share their ideas with us in the hopes of identifying partnerships willing to collaborate and work together. Especially since Nebraska participated in the research.

About the Speaker

Kelley Dennings is a campaigner with the nonprofit Center for Biological Diversity. Prior to the Center, she worked as a local government recycling coordinator, and for NC’s Department of Environment and Natural Resources, Keep America Beautiful and the American Forest Foundation. She holds a bachelor’s degree in natural resources from N.C. State and a master’s degree in public health from the University of South Florida.