Digging In

Published August 21, 2017
Have you ever wondered what impact your organization has on the environment? Do you know what you spend on waste every year? Are you good at diverting waste? Nebraska Recycling Council provides two types of waste assessments to help organizations understand how they are performing and identify opportunities for cost saving improvements. After our consultants analyze a program, we provide a report that documents recommendations and resources. Waste Reviews are free for NRC members and provide a basic report based on interviews, evaluation of bills, and visual inspections. Waste Audits dig deeper and provide a more detailed analysis. These are provided at a 30% discount for NRC members.

NRC consultants sort and measure waste from a designated period of time, typically a week, to provide a baseline diversion rate. The final report provides photographic documentation, customized recommendations, and economic analysis of current and future program options. Take a look at some examples of what you might see in an audit report: