Published July 02, 2019

Workplace giving has been a key element in corporate philanthropy for more than a century. It is an easy, safe and cost-efficient way to make tax-deductible donations to the charities that you care about. Workplace giving not only benefits the participating charities, but also employees who become engaged in giving back. Studies have shown that a well-designed corporate social responsibility program can increase employee engagement, increase employee productivity, reduce turnover, and increase revenue. 30% of employee donors say the reason why they do not give through the workplace is because the causes they care about are not available as choices through their employer’s giving program.

The good news, in Nebraska, there are more choices! Community Services Fund of Nebraska connects companies, employees, and Nebraska non-profits. They support employers in their efforts to increase community engagement, and they support employees and individual donors in their efforts to increase the quality of life in their community. Plus, their non-profit member organizations represent education, environment, social justice, animals, the arts, and more.

Payroll deduction is one of the most convenient ways to give, and it allows your donation to be spread throughout the year. Let Nebraska Recycling Council help get your business/organization started down the path of workplace giving (or expanding the options you already have). For more information contact Julie Diegel at 402-436-2384 x 1000 ([email protected]) or Heather Creevan at 402-436-2384 x 1002 ([email protected]).