Equal Access to Recycling

Allison Majerus and Jamie Richey at NFB NebraskaConvention 2023

By Allison Majerus

July was Disability Pride Month, which celebrates people with disabilities and recognizes the passing of the Americans with Disabilities Act. We at the Nebraska Recycling Council are committed to increasing access to recycling services and resources for all Nebraskans.

Here’s some things we have done:

You might ask, what can YOU do to increase access at your business, recycling center or in your community?

Here’s some suggestions:

  • watch our recycling access webinar to learn first-hand
  • talk to your customers and community members about what they need to improve access, if anything, and listen
  • provide recycling information in multiple ways (paper, if necessary, electronic on your website and social media with alt text)
  • be willing to assist when someone asks for help at a recycling drop-off location and curbside

Please reach out to Program Director Allison Majerus (402-436-2384, ext. 102, [email protected]) if you:

  • have a disability and would like to share your recycling experience
  • want to learn more about how you can provide better recycling access for people with disabilities