Feb 5th Webinar: Model Composting Regulations in the United States

SLPS Webinar
Wednesday, February 5th
Join the webinar to learn about compost facility permitting in the United States and the top issues with composting permitting and how states are progressing forward. The presentation will also include the United States Composting Council (USCC) Model Rules Template and information on the USCC’s Seal of Testing Assurance Program. Most important, how it all applies to Nebraska! Get a sneak peek of the Compost Operations Training Course coming to Nebraska in August of 2020 by the USCC Nebraska Chapter.

Composting is a business, and is regulated by both State and Local (county, township, city) officials for many impacts, including environmental impact (leachate, air emissions); neighbor issues (odor, traffic) and operational issues (safety, end product).

Meet the Speaker

Frank Francisosi
Executive Director, US Composting Council

Frank has spent over 27 years working with residuals management and composting both in operations management as well as sales and marketing. In 1993, he started North Carolina’s first source separated organics composting facility. As past principal of Akkadia Consulting, Frank provided professional consulting services on projects of animal waste management, biosolids management, coal ash residuals, composting of industrial residuals, product development and marketing. He has facilitated the turnkey start-up of award winning composting facilities, taking them from concept to feasibility to operational, overseeing permitting, equipment selection, hiring and training of personnel, as well as the development and execution of the product marketing plan. Frank also managed the Novozymes’ Nature’s GREEN-RELEAF™ composting facility from 2003-2015. In 2014, Frank was the recipient of the Hi Kellogg Award for displaying outstanding service to the US composting industry over a period of many years. He has a BS in Plant and Soil Sciences from West Virginia University.