Waste reduction – the forgotten R

Thursday, November 15
Noon – 1:00 pm


This webinar will highlight recent waste reduction research and intervention results from New Dream. New Dream’s mission, as a national non-profit organization, is to empower individuals, communities and organizations to transform their consumption habits to improve well-being for people and the planet. The framework New Dream is using to change behavior is social marketing. Social marketing is rooted in psychology, uses commercial marketing for societal goals and the key features are segmented audiences, research into citizen barriers and social science strategies to overcome the barriers.

The goal of this project was to motivate individuals to shift some purchases from material gifts to experiential gifts during the winter holidays, thus increasing time spent with friends and family and in the out-of-doors leading to a boost in long-term happiness and overall well-being, along with supporting the environment by decreasing consumption.

The presentation will:

  • Discuss ways waste reduction can address current difficult global recycling markets and climate change.
  • Use lessons learned from public health to change the narrative from waste reduction to waste prevention, creating a new way to motivate behavior change and engage with citizens.
  • Give the audience new insight into the attitudes, awareness, motivation, barriers and benefits to waste reduction.
  • Share various online tools and key take-aways to support waste prevention within the community.
  • Review the components needed for a community-wide waste prevention movement to unfold.

Speaker bios:
Kelley Dennings, New Dream Advisory Committee Member
Kelley is a results-driven change agent with over 20 years of project management and leadership experience with 10 years focused on communications and marketing for behavior change. In 2018 Kelley earned a Master of Public Health from the University of South Florida. For her thesis she worked with New Dream, a national nonprofit focusing on waste reduction and decreasing overconsumption. Currently Kelley works for Action Research, a community-based social marketing agency, where she enjoys diving into projects that focus on health and environmental topics. Prior to that she worked with the American Forest Foundation helping landowners conserve their woods, build wildlife habitat and conduct climate change mitigation. The bulk of Kelley’s experience has been in recycling and solid waste – as a local recycling coordinator in NC, and then working for the state’s recycling office before moving to the national level to work with Keep America Beautiful. She is also the Founding President of the Social Marketing Association of North America. She leads this all-volunteer organization to bring social change professionals together for networking, learning and collaboration for improved impact. Kelley’s case studies have been published in Resource Recycling, Social Marketing Quarterly, The Handbook of Persuasion and Social Marketing and she has presented at various state and national conferences. In her spare time she enjoys taking pictures of water towers.

Casey Williams, New Dream Director of Operations and Outreach
An outdoor enthusiast with a passion for the positive, Casey has dedicated her work to building the capacity of individuals and communities to conserve, appreciate and enjoy the natural world. Casey joined New Dream in March 2013 after spending 15 years developing programs related to sustainable design and development, natural resource management and land revitalization. Her past experience includes managing the Virginia Natural Resource Leadership Institute for UVA’s Institute for Environmental Negotiation, helping to figure out creative ways to reuse old industrial properties across the country, implementing preservation development strategies for a 2,300-acre farm in Albemarle County, Virginia, and leading environmental education workshops for Audubon International and the Izaak Walton League.