Applying for an award is easier than ever! The Nebraska Recycling Council’s Business and Community Awards will be presented at our Annual Awards Luncheon, Friday, October 4, 2019 at The Country Club of Lincoln. Applications are due July 31, 2019. Only NRC members may apply. 

Award Descriptions

Commonwealth Award recognizes a business, organization, or individual that gives its time, talent, and treasure to the community in which it operates to improve the natural environment or health, welfare, and common good for all stakeholders through better materials management.

End Market of the Year Award is presented to a local, regional or international member organization that utilizes recycled commodities from Nebraska recycling generators, processors, collectors and haulers for the manufacture of new goods. The organization is committed to the highest ethical standards that support the recovery of Nebraska’s resources.

Green Team of the Year Award recognizes a highly-organized, mature green team with the capacity to sustain itself and engage other employees. The team will have implemented systems to identify impacts, set goals, prioritize and implement projects, measure performance and review processes.

Zero Waste Award recognizes a business, community, or organization that has made significant strides to reduce inputs, reduce waste, recycle and/or reuse by-products, and create a closed looped system for materials handling. A diversion rate of at least 50% must have been reached, and the entity will have created a written plan that outlines how they will reach a 90% diversion rate. Zero waste is defined as a landfill diversion rate of at least 90%.

Waste Diversion Project/Product/Service of the Year Award is presented to a business, community, or organization for a project, product, or service that demonstrates exemplary, innovative, and measurable waste reduction, eliminates or replaces hard-to-recycle materials, and/or creates a closed loop system for recycling or reuse. The recipient applies the highest possible standards for responsible resource management.