Last week, I took a four-day trek across the beautiful area of Nebraska between Lincoln and Ogallala, along and south of I-80.  I wanted to meet and learn from people involved in recycling services, covering as much territory as possible in that timeframe.


It was a humbling and energizing experience. There are many people in greater Nebraska working up against significant barriers to recycling, yet so many are able to provide excellent waste diversion services to their constituents. It takes a lot of cooperation within communities to make this work, and in several instances, cooperation between communities.


And yet, there are still gaps in services that need to be solved. One of my objectives was to learn if we could support more collaboration between communities and improve processing capabilities in key areas. At NRC, we think this could provide economic benefits and better access to recycling for all.  My thanks go to all of you who took the time to meet and show me around. Next trip will be to visit the Panhandle, stopping at some of the key points on the way that I missed this time around.