The actions of individuals to challenge the use of plastics has led to a rising, global movement to combat our plastics problem. Throughout the month of November, NRC’s Plastics Pledge encouraged and empowered people to take action with tips and resources for refusing, reducing, and recycling. So many of you joined this campaign, and shared your own great ideas for confronting the plastics problem including these inspiring pledges:

Write Driscoll’s and other berry companies to encourage non-plastic packaging.
Use environmentally friendly bar soap to reduce shampoo and body wash plastic packaging.
Bring a reusable container for leftovers when eating out.
Inspire and educate my friends to refuse single-use plastic and to recycle.
Be brave enough to suggest businesses do better recycling and offering receptacles.

While our footprint may be small compared to the industrial pollution of plastics, collectively we can make a difference and inspire each other to do more to reduce our plastic use.

Congratulations to the winners of our Plastics Pledge prizes this month! Winning the America Recycles Day prizes were Brynn S. of Lincoln and Kaitlin B. of Omaha. And winning the final prizes are Linell C. of Lincoln and Shawn R. of Lincoln.

We received pledges from:
Beatrice, Bellevue, Bennington, Council Bluffs, Crete, Eagle, Fremont, Grand Island, LaVista, Lincoln, Ogallala, Omaha, Plattsmouth, Santa Cruz, CA, Schuyler, Staplehurst, Steele City, Stromsburg, and Wayne.

The top 3 pledges include:
Bring reusable bags for shopping (98%)
Refuse plastic straws (96%)
Inform myself as to which plsatics can be recycled, and then do it! (88%)