Mayor Chris Beutler joined recycling advocates in kicking off a new campaign to educate residents on how to “recycle right.”  The “Be a Recycling Champion” initiative is aimed at reducing the number of unacceptable items that are tossed into recycling bins.  The campaign is funded with a $68,000 grant from the Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality.
The campaign urges the public to take three steps to “Be a Recycling Champion”:
·       Follow the basics by recycling paper, cardboard, tin and aluminum cans, and plastic bottles and tubs.
·       Learn the recycling guidelines by visiting
·       Remember that many curbside recyclers do not accept plastic bags or glass bottles.  To make sure these stay out of the landfill, take clean plastic bags to local grocers and take glass bottles and jars to one of the public drop off sites.
The City and recycling collectors see a wide variety of unacceptable items in curbside containers and at the 29 public drop off sites.  Those include non-recyclable items such as Styrofoam and metal cookware as well as cans and bottles with food and drink residue.   Other problems are broken glass in curbside containers and plastic bags that can cause problems with machinery at processors.
As part of the campaign, participating curbside recycling collectors will leave notes on recycling containers listing the unacceptable items residents have placed in them.  Their curbside recycling subscribers will also receive a postcard encouraging them to recycle right.
For more information visit