Successful recycling programs depend on efficient collection and processing of materials. Often, especially in rural areas, success is achieved by sharing resources. Hub and spoke recycling as a concept was developed to provide the most efficient means of gathering and processing recyclables from both a capital and operational perspective.

The hub and spoke model works by creating regional recycling processing centers that serve as the “hub” (or processor) and encourages smaller communities, or “spokes”, to deliver their collected material to these hubs. The hubs invest in equipment and infrastructure needed to create and store the high density bales that re-manufacturing markets require, while spokes invest in collection trailers or containers and transportation to the hub. This collaborative approach particularly suits rural communities in which access to recycling is a challenge.

Presentations were held June 20th-21st in Norfolk and Lincoln with Sarah Pierpont, and discussed the potential for using the hub and spoke model to expand access to recycling in rural areas. Information presented at these meetings is below.

Northeast Nebraska Hub and Spoke Recycling Project Report

Norfolk Presentation Hub & Spoke Rural Recycling

LONM Presentation Hub & Spoke Recycling


Funding for the workshops and the Northeast Nebraska Hub and Spoke Recycling Projected provided by: