Hub & Spoke Recycling Project Expands West

Published February 2, 2021

The Nebraska Recycling Council has been awarded a Waste Reduction and Recycling Grant for $51,152 by the Nebraska Department of Environment and Energy to continue work in assessing access to recycling and composting resources and to develop Hub and Spoke recycling systems throughout Nebraska.

This year’s grant will review 122 communities in 34 counties in south central and western Nebraska. As part of this grant, NRC will deliver:

  • A published inventory of communities with access to recycling, recycling centers, and composting options.
  • A review of regional haulers operating in the area, average cost of freight, and barriers to expanding service.
  • Recommendation reports, action plans, and other planning resources for four communities to improve recycling systems throughout the area.
  • Signage and education materials for recycling centers and drop off containers throughout the region.
  • Regional meetings for glass and composting support as well as a review of the results of the survey and recommendations.
  • Follow up meetings from previous regions to continue to improve recycling access and create efficiencies for limited rural budgets across the state.

This grant will complete a four-year assessment of all counties in Nebraska. You can see last year’s report on the 20 counties in southeast Nebraska on our website.

Thank You