By Haley Nolde

I recently attended the last ISRI (Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries) Convention EVER! On the final day of the event, ISRI rebranded as ReMA (Recycled Materials Association) which reflects a broader movement within our industry. Around the world recyclers are changing the way we communicate. The public shies away from terms like “scrap” and it’s important we improve the narrative of recycling. Materials should be seen as valuable commodities, not waste. From packaging to infrastructure we all rely on recycled materials. Let’s change the way we present our industry- it’s essential to global economic and environmental sustainability.

“The organization’s new identity includes a new tagline – Sustainable. Resilient. Essential. – which emphasizes the industry’s core benefits to society and attributes. The recycled materials industry is Sustainable – helping protect the environment. It is Resilient – providing materials that strengthen the economy. It is also Essential – by ensuring the things we need are there to make everyday life better.” -ReMA