If you are interested in joining our team as part of the Board of Directors, Advisory Council, Equipment Grants Review Committee, or Nebraska Chapter – US Composting Council Committee, please contact NRC at 402-436-2384.

Team Descriptions

Board of Directors

Our board of directors is responsible for the fiscal health and strategic direction of the organization, attendance at events, and hiring/firing of the executive director. The board meets at least 6 times per year, usually in an online meeting. NRC bylaws call for at least 7 and no more than 13 directors. 

Advisory Council

Is a council of 7 to 15 experts representing all Nebraska regions to offer insights and advice on strategic direction and advocacy, industry and market trends, and best practices. The Council meets twice per year, once in a web-based meeting and once in person. 

Equipment Grants Review Committee

Grant Applications are submitted to NRC on an on-going basis on the 15th of each month. NRC reviews grant application to ensure that it meets minimum requirements. Upon review of each grant application and submission of necessary documentation and clarification, NRC forwards all applications received to the Grant Review Committee. Reviews generally occur within a week upon submission of a complete package. Committee members review applications using the grant rating matrix and determine whether the grant application be forwarded to NET for their approval. A member disapproving an application as presented can suggest a different amount of grant award or other modifications/suggestions. NRC will contact the applicant to work out any adjustments and communicate this additional information to committee members. Approval of the grant is based on the number of points awarded on the grant matrix by the committee members.

Nebraska Chapter - US Composting Council Committee
The US Composting Council (USCC) Nebraska Chapter promotes the use of compost as a superior organic soil amendment that has the capacity to restore the biological, chemical, and physical properties of healthy soils in Nebraska. We focus on advocating for regulations and legislation supportive of the composting industry, training for compost manufacturers, market development, and public education. Our goal is to support the composting industry in Nebraska, increase demand for compost products, and become the “industry voice” related to composting, anaerobic digestion, and organic products and services in Nebraska. The committee will take a leadership role in advocating for best practices in the composting industry, fair and reasonable regulations, and widespread awareness of compost’s value in creating healthy soils, conserving water, and supporting local economies in our agriculture-based State.