Kim Burge has worked in a full range of fundraising roles for 20 years. In 2016, she started her own coaching business to help non-profits exceed their goals. During this time, she has also done work for the North Central Ne RC&D as they have shifted to a new reuse, recycle vision. That is her first experience working purposely on the topic. The RC&D is experiencing success with a newly created Directory for recycling options, E-waste and HHW collections across the 6 counties they serve. It has also launched a consistent media messaging campaign to educate and inform those in and around the 6 counties. Kim has played a key role in developing and rolling out each of these components.

A long time gardener and composter, Kim recognizes and values the larger vision that includes less waste, recycling, reusing and finding alternatives to sending items to the landfill.

Perhaps new to recycling at this level, Kim enthusiastically sees the vision of where Nebraska and NRC could be. She eagerly anticipates the planning, executing, supporting and the challenges that come with the NRC Board Member role.

Kim lives outside of Valentine with husband Mike. They have 3 grown children, all proudly living in Nebraska. And if you have a few moments, she would be delighted to show you the photos of their 4 beautiful little granddaughters.