Our office looks like a tornado just swept through it! On February 8th, the movers will come and we will be in our new office about 3 miles south of our current location – 3800 VerMaas Place in Lincoln. We’ll share some photos once we get settled.

By the time this newsletter goes out, our first Advisory Council meeting will have taken place. I am so looking forward to hearing about what matters to our colleagues from all parts of Nebraska, and to working together to develop better waste diversion infrastructure, programming, and communications throughout our great State.

Because of the China ban, the US market is glutted with mixed paper and #3-#7 plastics, and it’s beginning to overwhelm the recycling industry here. We knew it was coming, but the full effects are beginning to pinch. Volumes, clean bales, and cooperation are more important than ever.

I have read that more than 85% of US households expect recycling as a municipal service, and they want a larger variety of materials to be collected. In Nebraska, we have challenges that are different from those in more densely populated areas of the country; however, the complexities of residential recycling exist no matter the size of the community, and some “best practice” solutions are transferable. Here are some resources that might help your community’s program:

In case you missed it, our January webinar that featured RecycleBC was phenomenal. The system that was created in British Columbia has accomplished a recycling rate of more than 75% with an extremely low contamination rate. The recording and slides can be found on our web site here.

Be sure to register for our upcoming webinars in February and March, too! Learn more here and here.

Happy recycling,