Lessons from our HopCat Lunch & Learn

Published September 18, 2017
From plate waste and kitchen scraps, to packaging and supplies, restaurants produce a large volume and variety of waste. It’s a complicated waste stream, but last month’s Lunch & Learn with HopCat-Lincoln gave insight into how an admirable 90% waste diversion rate can be achieved. It starts with having management on board, and certainly helps to have sustainability as a core value in your mission. Other tactics HopCat uses are an employee training program that emphasizes (and tests) materials management for waste reduction; bins throughout the restaurant that are co-located and color-coded for recycling, composting, and landfill; and a Green Team composed of 7 staff members, that regularly monitors the containers for contamination and sends staff reminders on common mistakes found.

Check out our newest publication, Recycling in Restaurants & Bars: A Case Study, for more on implementing waste reduction programs. Also, our next webinar on September 26th is a chance to hear from HopCat’s parent company, BarFly Ventures, and to learn more about the products they use, staff training and education, green team engagement, and initiatives to protect and conserve fresh water. Register for the webinar HERE.