The Hazardous Materials Collection Center (HMCC) located at 5101 N 48th Street, will provide safe and legal management options for toxic chemicals and hazardous waste. The HMCC will serve Lincoln and Lancaster County residents as well as qualifying small businesses, such as home based operations, nonprofits, churches, and others that produce less than 220 pounds of hazardous waste per month.

The HMCC will be open by appointment-only the first Wednesday and third Saturday of each month beginning Wednesday, October 4. Lincoln and Lancaster County residents will be able to make appointments online or by phone. Residents will be asked to identify the types and approximate quantity of hazardous waste they plan to dispose of.

With the opening of the new facility, fewer household hazardous waste mobile collection events will be offered. The new HMCC will accept the same materials collected at the mobile events including items that contain mercury (CFLs, thermometers), pesticides, household cleaning products, paint thinners, stains, oil-based paint, pool cleaning chemicals, and mixed or old gasoline.

To schedule an appointment or see a complete list of accepted items, visit:

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