March 4th Webinar – Pollinators: The Glue that Connects Sustainability Issues

This presentation will focus on pollinators and their habitat needs that are uniquely situated to be an issue that connects a wide range of sustainability and environmental issues.  The Bee & Butterfly Habitat Fund is currently working with a wide range of partners to supply the pollinator habitat needs for monarch butterfly, honey bee, and native bee populations as well as critical issues like solar power, water quality, soil health, grassland songbird populations, food sustainability, Right-of-Ways and Utilities, precision agriculture and commercial beekeeping.

Peter Berthelsen

Peter currently serves as the Partnership Director for The Bee & Butterfly Habitat Fund and provides consulting services for wildlife and pollinator habitat needs through Conservation Blueprint, LLC.   He previously spent over 29 years working with the Pheasants Forever Inc., starting as the Regional Wildlife Biologist and finishing as the Director of Habitat Partnerships. Prior to employment with Pheasants Forever, his work experience included employment with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service in North Dakota, Texas Parks & Wildlife Department and the U.S. Forest Service in Michigan. He graduated with his B.S. in Wildlife from University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point in 1985 and then a M.S. in Wildlife Science from Texas Tech University in 1989. He is a steering committee member of the Honey Bee Health Coalition, Monarch Joint Venture, Monarch Collaborative, Boundless Impact Investing and the InSPIRE 2.0: Innovative Site preparation and Impact Reductions on the Environment committee. He was a recipient of the 2014 ‘Hoopingarner Award’ presented by the American Beekeeping Federation and the 2011 ‘Farmer-Rancher Pollinator Conservation Award’ presented by the North American Pollinator Protection Campaign.