On July 11th, Mayor Chris Beutler released a draft environmental plan for the City of Lincoln to guide action in the areas of energy, land use, transportation, waste, and water. The City is seeking public input on the draft Lincoln Environmental Action Plan (LEAP) before the final plan is presented as a resolution to the City Council in August. Residents are encouraged to review the draft plan, ask questions and make comments through Monday, August 7 at lincoln.ne.gov (keyword: LEAP).
In waste reduction and recycling efforts, the LEAP outlines the following strategies and goals:
  • Reduce the annual per capita disposal rate to the landfill from 2,250 to 1,940 lbs. per person by 2018.
  • Increase the recycling rate from 22% (2015) to 50% by 2030 with a comprehensive residential and commercial recycling plan.
  • Increase waste and recycling diversion in City of Lincoln buildings to help meet community goal of increasing the recycling rate.
  • Develop and construction and demolition recycling strategy for publicly supported construction projects.
  • Increase the amount of hazardous waste material diverted from the landfill to 100,000 lbs per year.