NRC is beyond excited to announce our Keynote speaker – Dr. Elizabeth Chapman, Executive Director of Recycle Colorado!

Dr. Elizabeth Chapman has dedicated over 30 years to science and environmental advocacy, with a focus on waste and recycling systems since her 2008 dissertation on waste reduction and behavior change in rural Colorado. She currently serves as the Executive Director of Recycle Colorado, the state’s leading recycling organization, and as the Chair of the Producer Responsibility Program Advisory Board, which is pivotal in advancing sustainable waste management practices.


Smiling white woman with graying blond hair, dark glasses, and a blue, green, and white shirt stands in front of a forest river

Dr. Chapman’s work with Recycle Colorado involves representing a diverse group of stakeholders committed to waste reduction, diversion, and recovery. Her extensive experience includes significant contributions to improving composting and recycling systems, demonstrating her ability to bridge perspectives between citizens, businesses, governments, and nonprofits. Liz is honored to work with people across Colorado, driving the state towards a circular economy through innovative waste management solutions. She is excited to share her experience at the Nebraska Recycling Council conference, highlighting the collaborative efforts that can lead to successful waste reduction and recycling initiatives.