Melissa is the Director of Organics & Sustainability for Uribe Refuse Services, where she oversees Waste to Energy Lincoln, LLC. Melissa is working to develop and implement new and innovative sustainable waste management solutions.  She focuses on growing waste diversion programs in the community and developing infrastructure for the recovery of energy and nutrients from organic waste. Melissa has a degree in Marine Biology from the University of Rhode Island and a master’s degree in Biological Oceanography with molecular biology from the Graduate School of Oceanography. After graduating, she worked in genetics for five years before leaving to pursue her passion for sustainability.

Melissa grew up in Baltimore, Maryland, where she attended science camps and family trips on the Chesapeake Bay that fostered her love for the natural environment. She was passionate about recycling from a young age, which ultimately led her to a career in sustainable waste management. She lives in Lincoln with her fiancé Brent and their two dogs and guinea pig. She loves to travel, camp, and spend as much time outdoors with her dogs as possible in her free time.