Minnesota Architectural Paint Stewardship Program Plan

On May 23, 2013, Governor Mark Dayton signed into law H.F. 976, a bill containing the requirement of the Minnesota Paint Stewardship Program (“Program”). Paint stewardship in Minnesota dates back to 2002 with the Paint Product Stewardship Initiative (PPSI). Led by the Product Stewardship Institute out of Massachusetts, PPSI involved several years of stakeholder dialogues and industry and public sector research on paint use habits and recycling opportunities. Participants included the American Coatings Association, paint manufacturers, paint recyclers, federal EPA, and many state and local governments across the United States. State and local government representatives in Minnesota were early champions of PPSI and vital to its success. PPSI resulted in the development of a model, state-level paint stewardship law to establish an economically and environmentally-sustainable, industry-designed and implemented post-consumer paint management system. Oregon was the first state to pass this industry-supported paint stewardship law in 2009. Similar laws were passed in California in 2010; Connecticut in 2011; Rhode Island in 2012; Vermont, Maine, and Minnesota in 2013; and Colorado in 2014.