Nebraska Recycling Council Board of Directors Midyear Reflection, 2021

Published July 01, 2021

It is hard to believe that we are halfway through 2021. Thankfully the worst of the global pandemic seems to be behind us in Nebraska. With so much going on and life beginning to return to the way it was, this is a great time to reflect on some of the accomplishments and challenges of the Nebraska Recycling Council and its board of directors for the first half of the year.

Like many other businesses, government agencies, schools and non-profits, the board was able to effectively meet remotely every month and welcomed one new board member to the team: Willa DiCostanzo with the City of Lincoln. Financials were consistently reviewed and approved, and thanks to the diligent efforts of our Director, Heather Creevan, the NRC was able to have its critical PPP/SBA loans forgiven, getting the year off on a sound financial footing.

Staff gave great project presentations on various NRC sponsored initiatives including the hub & spoke recycling model. The results of other projects such as CHaRM events in Lincoln and Valley were reviewed and the participants congratulated. Pertinent recycling related legislation was thoughtfully discussed. NRC staff and board of directors attended a legislative breakfast, meeting key legislators and highlighting the NRC’s work.

One of the key roles of the board is to review the progress of the NRC on meeting the goals established in the five-year strategic plan. The board is pleased with the progress made and is deeply appreciative of the work the staff has completed over the last year, keeping the organization moving in the right direction.

The NRC board is looking forward to its first in person meeting in July of 2021. A significant component of this meeting will be to conduct a mid-year strategic plan review and discuss planning for the fall conference. We are truly pleased with NRC’s accomplishments during these challenging times and eagerly look forward even more effective programs, outreach, and training to improve and expand recycling in Nebraska.