1. Nebraska Recycling Council (NRC) will organize a month of collection events in 2020 with 16 Nebraska communities to collect CRT screens and other electronics, using only R2 Certified Recyclers to ensure proper disposal and documentation. Each community will have a local event organizer to manage the event, work with the recycler, recruit volunteers, and help with local marketing. The purpose of project is to responsibly recycle all remaining CRTs in Nebraska to protect soils and groundwater by using R2 Certified Recyclers.

2. Recycling Equipment Grants provides up to $20,000 for schools, municipalities, nonprofits, and private businesses to enhance or help create new opportunities for recycling programs across Nebraska.

3. NRC and the Nebraska Business Development Center at UNK will test the viability of creating compost at feedlot sites for cropland use. The large quantities of organic wastes generated by animal feeding operations, when combined with yard and wood waste collected by municipalities, could provide valuable field-scale fertilizer that is better for soil and water health than manure alone, while reducing costs for municipalities, and providing a value-added product for feedlots and/or compost operations.