The USCC Nebraska Chapter was founded in February 2019 as a program of the Nebraska Recycling Council, and an official state chapter and affiliate organization of the US Composting Council. As a USCC state affiliate, the Nebraska Chapter of the US Composting Council is dedicated to the development, expansion, and promotion of the composting industry in Nebraska using science, principles of sustainability, and economic viability, which is achieved by:

encouraging and guiding research

promoting best composting practices

educating professionals and the public

enhancing product quality and markets

Nebraska CHAPTER COMMittee

The Nebraska Chapter Committee is an active committee of members, compost operators, stakeholders, and NRC staff. The Committee takes a leadership role in advocating for best practices in the composting industry, fair and reasonable regulations, and widespread awareness of compost’s value in creating healthy soils, conserving water, and supporting local economies in our agriculture-based State. For more information about joining this committee, contact the Executive Director.

Join Us!

Nebraska Chapter members are members of the Nebraska Recycling Council who have an interest in promoting, educating, and advocating best management practices for organics and the production of compost products to the benefit of soil and environmental health.

Benefits of membership

  • Supporting the expansion of composting in Nebraska
  • Receive discounted rates to Nebraska Chapter events including compost operator trainings
  • Access to a network of local composting professionals who can help create and/or improve a composting program in your area
  • Eligibility to serve on the Nebraska Chapter Committee

Upcoming Events

Community Organizing for Rural Recycling

Community Organizing for Rural Recycling

This case study covers two rural recycling organizations focused on recycling and resource management. Started by residents or by municipal officials, both groups are headed and maintained by community members working with local governments to support public interests.