Networking Meetings for Recycling Center Operators and Professionals

Published March 2, 2021

NRC held the first of six calls this year, hosting over 20 recycling center operators and professionals from across the state to discuss current challenges and new updates at their centers and introduce them to regional recycling resources.

February’s call featured Jamie Gormley, a representative from Centennial Recycling, a brokerage in Colorado, who described their support services and provided perspective on the financials of recycling and updates on glass and fiber markets. Contact Jamie for more information on their program here!

Our next call will be Thursday, April 22nd at 3:00pm CST/2:00pm MST. We invite all recycling professionals to join our Google Group to ask and respond to questions from peers across the state. Between meetings, NRC and others will share updates, webinars, funding opportunities, and training resources every week.