Nicole Frankl

Nicole Frankl graduated from SD School of Mines and Technology with a degree in Civil Engineering and NC State with a Masters in Construction Engineering. After a while with Flatiron Constructors in Edmonton Alberta Canada, Nicole worked for SDDOT as a Assistant Traffic Safety Engineer. Later they moved to Lincoln, NE and Nicole became the LTAP Director. After working with Locals, Nicole then transitioned to working with Central States Reprocessing, CSR. With CSR, Nicole managed the plastics recycling process as well as grant applications. Nicole has since moved back to civil engineering and is working as a Roadway Engineer. HDR presented the Frankls with an amazing opportunity to move to “Way West Nebraska”, which on a map is Salem, Oregon. Nicole joined a great group at Oregon DOT and has been able to provide insight to recycling in an area where recycling is supported by legislation and is integrated into the culture. The Frankls are enjoying the mountains and ski racing, ocean, and horses. Hubby is still amazing and the boys are still wild :).