We are pleased to share that NRC was awarded $48,728 from the Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality to expand the development of hub and spoke recycling to 19 counties in the north central region of Nebraska.

The Hub and Spoke model works with regional recycling processing centers serving as the “hub” and receiving material from nearby “spoke” communities. The partnerships create a more durable, economical, and efficient materials handling system by consolidating larger volumes of recyclables and moving them more efficiently to markets. With multi-community cooperation, the efficiency of Hub and Spoke creates potential for increased revenues and avoided costs, a wider range of materials that can be collected, and a more economically viable transportation system. It can provide access to recycling where there is none available, and increase participation where it already exists.

It’s NRC’s aim to strengthen the regional recycling systems that currently exist and to assist in the development of new programs by providing guidance on best practices, markets for commodities, and educational resources to promote recycling.

Read more about our hub and spoke project in northeast Nebraska HERE.