The Recycling Partnership: Solving for Circularity
If every home in the U.S. had adequate access to recycling, we would STILL lose more than half of all residential recyclable material – that amounts to roughly 15 million tons of economic value and environmental benefit lost each year. The reason: many Americans are confused about what and how to recycle and lack confidence when it comes to recycling. If we want to improve recycling, and ultimately mobilize household participation in the circular economy, we need to strengthen recycling behavior in homes.
In this webinar, the Nebraska Recycling Council will host Michelle Metzler, the Director of Community Programs at the Recycling Partnership on Thursday, October 5, when she will share their new research from The Center for Sustainable Behavior & Impact (CSBI) that can help communities optimize recycling including:
  • What behavior change means and how the concept can be implemented in your community.
  • The evidence-based approach to increasing resident participation and recyclable material capture that has been developed by CSBI.
  • Strategies to build an equitable approach to your public engagement and wider trust in your local recycling system.
  • Plus, learn how to create more equitable and inclusive recycling education from the recently launched, Introduction to Creating More Equitable Recycling Outreach.

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Michelle Metzler
About the Speaker: Michelle Metzler, Director of Community Programs, The Recycling Partnership
Michelle Metzler has 15 years of experience supporting communities, municipalities and businesses that are improving their recycling practices. She spent over a decade working for WM, supporting cities in solid waste management, conducting research and implementing data-driven best practices to increase recycling. As a director of community programs at The Recycling Partnership, she oversees recycling optimization and multifamily technical assistance programs.