In November, NRC partnered with the Lincoln Bike Kitchen (LBK) to call out to our members about a special America Recycles Day event. At this writing we have been unable to verify member participation, but received several verbal commitments for next year. Take a look at the LBK stats, envision happy children, and enjoy the video.

More than 300 bikes in various degrees of workability were donated. More than 20 LBK volunteers overhauled or refurbished over 160 of them. With one night left of the distribution, 127 bikes have been distributed so far. Clayton Streich, volunteer and chief organizer of the event, reported that there are an additional 33 to 45 bikes ready to go, and that they are refurbishing some adult bikes for the new Veterans Center.

Forty-one (41) were donated to individual walk-ins and eighty-six (86) bikes were distributed through the following community organizations:

Everett Elementary – 15
McPhee Elementary – 13
Cedars Home for Children – 7
Friends of Beth – 3
F St. Community Center – 12
Holmes Elementary – 6
Huntington Elementary – 8
Indian Center Inc. – 20
North Star High School – 2

St. Marks Methodist Church picked LBK to be the recipient of their “Tree of Hope” campaign, and created this heart-warming video: WATCH VIDEO

Congratulations to the Lincoln Bike Kitchen and its volunteers for spreading joy through recycling!