Recycling Access for People with Disabilities

The Nebraska Recycling Council is committed to increasing access to recycling services and resources for all Nebraskans.

2021: Recycling Access webinar with Gloria and Hilary, two women with physical disabilities. 2022: Initial outreach conversations with disabled individuals and organizations who serve them. 2023: Attended  NFB convention and planning NRC conference session about recycling access. 2024: Planning for the future

Our Current Initiatives:

  • Rescue and Reuse: Recycling/Rehome events for Durable Medical Equipment in 2024-2025
  • to publish a recycling access guide for municipalities
  • aim to provide alt text on website photos and social media posts.
  • Instead of paper educational handouts, to provide digital communications that can be read by a screen reader, if necessary.
  • to encourage businesses, organizations and municipalities to offer recycling pick-up options for special collection events and curbside services, in case residents cannot drive or move items independently to a separate location. 
  • to advocate for making services and resources available to all citizens, including those with disabilities. 

We thank the Nebraska Department of Environment and Energy and the Nebraska Environmental Trust for their grant support for these programs.

If you have questions or would like to provide your experience recycling as a citizen with a disability, please reach out to Program Director Allison Majerus ([email protected]). 


Recycling Access webinar

Community Toolkit Accessibility Category, with accessibility documents

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