Recycling Center Support – First Meeting Feb 18

Published January 05, 2021
NRC has developed a listserv to support Nebraska Recycling Center Operators and Professionals. This is a network of Nebraska recycling center staff and stakeholders to exchange information, ask questions, and receive support on topics such as recycling market trends, pricing, and brokers; grants and budgeting; community engagement and education; and general recycling program support.

If you manage a recycling program or operate a recycling center and would like to join the listserv, send an email to with a request to join and information about your recycling program.

Nebraska Recycling Operators February Meeting: Centennial Recycling
Mark your calendars for our first Recycling Center Operators call this year. We will host six virtual opportunities to chat with other recycling center professionals and each will have a broker or end market representative to meet and learn from.

Our first meeting will be February 18th at 3:00pm CST/2:00pm MST with a representative from Centennial Recycling, a broker based out of Colorado. Jaime Gormley will describe their services, how they set rates, commodity returns, and a forecast for the year ahead.

Contact Leah Meyer at to request to join the call.