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Find out where to recycle almost anything! The Nebraska Recycling Guide is your premier reuse and recycle resource, letting you search for over 100 types of materials, by organization, or by location within a search radius you select. You can even find special recycling events nearby.

Set your location and then use keyword searches such as: bicycles, electronics, televisions, medications, tree trimmings, musical instruments, baby gear, cartons, textbooks, shoes, etc…to find the best resources near you.

Can your item be reused?

We love recycling (obviously!), but we also love reducing and reusing!  We love the idea of all materials having a value to someone somewhere.

After cleaning out your closet or garage, we encourage you to check with your local shelters, charities, and secondhand stores to see if they will take your unwanted items. You could donate through your local Facebook buy nothing group to support your community as well!

You can also check out these online options to sell items:

You can even research the brand of any item to see if the company has a take-back program to recycle them. Companies such as Dell and Nike are examples of well-known take back programs.