Recycling Reminders in These Times

Published April 08, 2020

Many of us are ordering takeout to support our local restaurants during this time. But what can be recycled? Here are some dos and don’ts to keep in mind.

To protect our recycling sorters from unnecessary contact with materials and maintain the cleanliness of recycling centers remember the phrase: when in doubt, throw it out!

Clean it up.
Rinse or scrub your plastic containers thoroughly. Do not leave any food or excessive residue on your containers. Pizza boxes or other soiled cardboard and paper must be tossed or composted.

Check your recycling symbols.
Plastics #1 and #2 are easily recycled. Plastics #3-7, including Styrofoam are more limited. Check with your recycling provider to confirm if they can be taken.

Compostable containers cannot be recycled.
Fiber containers should go in your compost or waste.

Plastic or “wax” lined paper or cardboard cannot be recycled.
Throw that in your trashcan.

Napkins, utensils, and condiment packets must be thrown away.

Here are some photos of common takeout containers and what to do. →

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