Published December 02, 2019

To say that 2019 was an eventful year at the Nebraska Recycling Council is the understatement of the year! Our mighty little staff broke new ground and widened our circle of friends and colleagues. We learned new skills from our professional partners and were entrusted to carry out major projects by grant makers. Perhaps most importantly, we made a leadership transition.

My takeaway and my hope is that each of us finds a way to act from a place of courage, fairness, and love to tackle the monumental issues of these times. That we don’t fail to speak the truth as we see it. And that we value our imaginings of what could be true if only we try.

I’m eager to begin this new and exciting phase of my life – Permanent Vacation! Best wishes to all of you, the many good people that I have encountered during my tenure at the Nebraska Recycling Council.